Airbnb and Housing in a Venn Diagram

In planning the literature review section of my thesis I’ve been advised to ensure I make the links between all the various concepts and bodies of literature I want to draw on and reference. That seems easy enough, since to me all the concepts actually are connected – it’s not like I have to make the connections up. But having something in one’s head and articulating it on paper are two different things. So, I made this diagram to help me show/talk about the connections.

I see Airbnb as being the product of, and at the intersection of, all these concepts, trends, inventions, etc. The names of these three broad areas came after grouping the individual list items in what seemed like a logical way. I don’t see this as a perfect or finished conceptualization…some things could easily go in more than one category and I’m probably missing some stuff. Ideas could perhaps be named or identified in better ways…Still, it’s been helpful to me so far (click to enlarge).

Airbnb instersections and ingredients

This is also somewhat particular to Vancouver – at least the “condomania” part and the Strata Titles Act of 1966, because equivalent legislation was passed at different times elsewhere. For more on that fascinating topic (I’m serious), see The Condominium and the City: The Rise of Property in Vancouver, by Douglas Harris in Law and Social Inquiry (Summer 2011). It’s very readable.

Other literature I’ve (so far) found relevant to the concepts in this diagram is here.


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