Media coverage of Airbnb data post

Here’s a summary of the media coverage of my June 20 post: Airbnb listings in Vancouver: How many? What type? Where?

Also, on June 22, Gordon Price featured the post on his much-read city blog, Price Tags and City Councillor Geoff Meggs posted an item on his own blog.


June 23, The Georgia Straight: Councillors ask if 3,500 Airbnb listings are eating into Vancouver’s supply of rental housing, by Travis Lupick. In print, this appeared on page 53-ish, as the Straight’s real estate column.

June 23, Metro: Does Airbnb hurt Vancouver’s rental stock? SFU student mines data, by Emily Jackson. In print, this was on Metro’s front page – June 24.

June 24, CBC Radio Victoria, “On the Island” morning program. No link, but it was in the 7:15 slot.

June 24, Global news at 6: Increasing use of Airbnb may be cutting into Vancouver’s rental stock

June 24, Global, BC1: Is Airbnb eroding Vancouver’s rental market?. This was live at about 8:20.

June 26, The Globe and Mail: Is Airbnb inflating Vancouver’s housing crisis? by Kerry Gold July 3, KRPI Radio live at about 10:40 a.m with Jasbir Romana. No link.

July 3, The Georgia Straight: World Cup 2015: Vancouver hotels are charging anything they want and there’s barely an Airbnb bed left in the city, by Travis Lupick

July 9, 2015, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver keeps an eye on Airbnb as company snaps up rental properties, by Joanne Lee-Young. In print, on page A5,

July 10. July 12, 2015, The Jill Bennett Show on CKNW. Live at 7:50 a.m.

July 12, 2015, The Victoria Times-Colonist, Vancouver eyeballs Airbnb as rental properties snapped up, revised version of Joanne Lee-Young’s Vancouver Sun story.

July 16, 2015, The Vancouver Sun, Strata councils aim to contain short-term rental services like Airbnb, by Joanne Lee-Young. This was a follow-up to the previous story, but focusing on the issues for strata councils and condos. My info used as background in the accompanying video.

July 16, 2015, The Simi Sara Show on CKNW, with guest host Michael Smyth. Live at 12:35 p.m.

July 25, 2015, Day 6 on CBC Radio: Does Airbnb make it harder to find an apartment? by producer Acey Rowe.

One thought on “Media coverage of Airbnb data post

  1. Add in
    [3]The Seattle Times
    [4]Low-graphic news index | [5]Mobile site

    Monday, October 12, 2015 – Page updated at 02:30 p.m.

    Seven years old and 40 million guests: Airbnb is thriving

    By Virginia Linn Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Forty million guests, 34,000 cities, 1,400 castles and 190 countries…
    more at


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