Timeline of housing-related Airbnb events

October 2015 update

For the most part and due to lack of time, I stopped updating this timeline around April 2015. It’s fairly complete up to that date, extending back to 2008. I hope people find it useful for housing-related Airbnb events between those dates.

I’ve created this timeline of events related to Airbnb’s impact on housing (rental housing in particular). I thought it would be useful because there has been so much housing-related news about Airbnb for the past several months, and even before that. Sorting out everything that’s happened in New York, San Francisco, Portland and elsewhere can be confusing. I hope this timeline helps me (and anyone else who’s interested) keep things straight.


It’s a work in progress and I’ll be updating it as I go along. Right now, it’s particularly lacking in non-North American events.

I’ve assembled it using information from online articles and news stories, most of which are quoted and linked in the individual events. Please bring any errors you catch to my attention through my contact form or Twitter.